Saturday, June 17, 2006

Greenwood Simulator

It's been a long time, since the last time I've posted. Alright, I guess I'll have more time for the rest of the summer to post some interesting thought about what really matters in life: People, Music, Photography and Computers. :-)

The good news is that I have started a new solo project last Spring. After having a laptop crash I decided to publish the partially recovered source code that I have been developing under the terms of an open source initiative.

The main goal is to develop a simulator (or something more like a simulation framework) to help researchers interested in having fun with data staging on large scale and distributed storage environments.

GreenSim builds on top of Simgrid Toolkit. My main goal is to provide a developer-oriented framework that can be personalized to specific demands.

However, before downloading you should be aware that the software is still in a pre-alpha version. Thus, you should not expect a stable version. I will keep committing changes, bug fixes and announcing releases here, as soon as the internship activities allow me to do.

In the case you feel interested in participate, please, drop me a message and let's discuss your ideas, I would appreciate it!