Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Backup Power

The fact that backup is an important part of any IT infrastructure management plan, everybody should know. What about backing up DNAs?

Well, this is what a NYTimes article by By Richard Morgan ("Life After Earth: Imagining Survival Beyond This Terra Firma") suggests (in a scientific fiction mode) that it could be done to prevent human life of being extinct by natural or war disasters.

Despite the currently unrealistic, yet possible, interesting description of the applicability of a DNA repository of every form of life in our beloved planet earth, the article discuss how the doomsday is understated sometimes.

However, instead of putting all effort on developing technologies for "DNA backup" and storage, how about to move the focus from military development to sustainable development? I guess this would be a very good and true step to reduce the risk of human extinction.

Anyway, reading this article was good to reassure my point of view that some priorities of some nations do not seem to me the right way to go. :-)


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Andy said...

it sounds like a bad science fiction movie!