Friday, February 16, 2007

"High Fidelity"

A short break on popularity distributions and clustering coefficients.

The novel High Fidelity by Nick Hornby is guaranteed fun. The movie based on the novel, which is located at Chicago, is also great. I also must confess that I got the Top Five fever for a while after reading the book and watching the movie.

Thus, just for your fun consideration, appreciated reader, here is my top 5 ranking for cover versions of songs.

1. "Garota de Ipanema" by RUSH (originally by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes)
2. "What a wonderful world" by Joe Ramone (orginally by Louis Armstrong)
3. "Have a Cigar" performed by Foo Fighters (originally by Pink Floyd)
4. "Bullet in the Blue Sky" by Sepultura (originally by U2)
5. "Hurt" by Johnny Cash (originally by NIN)

Now, a nice place to find those songs... Hype Machine, a nice tool for search music and video content commented on blogs.



Thiago Emmanuel said...

Que pecado! Faltou os Incríveis fazendo cover de Engenheiros do hawaii,
"Era um garoto
que como eu ..."

Elizeu Santos-Neto said...


Mas isso iria violar o princi'pio da causa-efeito, meu chapa.