Thursday, May 15, 2008

Deep Water(*) at 45rpm

A bit about recent music experiences...

It has been a while, since I listened to the voice of Beth Gibbons. So, I recently indulged myself with the addition of a new record to my collection. The Portishead new album: Third. By record, I mean an LP. :-)

The immediate surprise after playing the first song was to hear some voices in Portuguese. For a moment, I thought that the record player switch was set to FM Radio on some independent radio station.

The second big surprise was that record sound dark, with very slow beats and bass sounds. After a couple of seconds, I noticed that the album is an 45 RPM LP, as opposed to the usual 33 RPM records (more popular today). A quick adjustment on the player rotation speed and voilá!.

Overall, Portishead's new album sounds quite different from the previous works. I feel that there is more emphasis on the drums, which is really nice. Beth Gibbons voice is more discrete than in her solo album or in the previous Portishead recordings.

In my opinion, the best song of the album so far is Magic Doors (side 4, as the package comes with 2 LPs). :-)

Unfortunately, I missed their Coachella's concert, but I hope to have another opportunity soon...

(*) Deep Water is one of the songs of the album. I think it would work as a nice title for it.

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