Monday, June 30, 2008

HPDC'2008 - Part I

Last week I participated to two great conferences: the International Symposium in High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC) and the USENIX. Both events took place in Boston, MA, USA.

There a lot of interesting things to mention. Thus, to avoid a single long post, I will describe a few presentations that I attended (and discuss some ideas) in a series of short posts.

In the first two days at HPDC, there were two interesting workshops: UPGRADE-CN (P2P and Grids for the Development of Content Networks) and MMS (Managed Multicore Systems).

The two workshops had works related to the research projects I am currently working on.

Molina [1] presented his work on designing two protocols that enable collaborative content delivery in mobile transient networks. By transient networks, the authors mean networks composed of devices that are geographically co-located for a short period such as a music festival.

The authors suggest to exploit the multiple network interfaces currently available in most mobile devices and to enable collaborative use of these multihomed devices.

The idea is quite interesting. In particular, it raises some issues from the perspective of distributed resource sharing. It would be good to understand whether incentive mechanisms are necessary in transient networks. The idea is to encourage users to share their connections with a community for collaborative downloading/streaming of content.

On top of that, a nice follow-up work would be to investigate the feasibility of collaborative data dissemination protocols, which are widely used in the Internet (e.g. BitTorrent), in the transient networks scenarios.

[1] Molina et al. "A Social Framework for Content Distribution in Mobile Transient Networks". In UPGRADE-CN'2008.

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