Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Zenit 12XP

A bit of photography now.

As a result of a complex conjunction events, I decided to use my first reflex camera again for a couple of weeks.

It might sound odd, but there is a kind of unique experience on handling a totally mechanic camera as opposed to a modern one (film or digital). From the film loading process, which is more like a ritual than a technical process, to the feeling-based exposure settings.

I've got very nice experimental results with this came in low light conditions. However, what impressed more was color saturation levels I got in a set of pictures.

There was an expedition where I took the same pictures with the Zenit 12XP and an EOS 300 (EOS Rebel in USA) with the same negative film, developed at the same place.

I was planning a set of photographs of urban landscapes with snow. Unfortunately, the shutter mechanism presented some problems in the first frames of a film last weekend. Incredible sunset light tones illuminating the buildings on my neighborhood, but the camera asked for a retirement.

Great times we had together!

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