Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Netherlands goes all digital

The government completely siwtched the analog television transmission to digital. The main reason was what surprised me: only 74,000 households will be directly affected by this shift.

According to the news, cable-TV represents 94% of the TV market in Netherlands. This is pointed as one more reason to increase the competition by expanding the coverage of digital TV.

To be able to receive the digital TV signal, users will have to buy a tuner which is estimated to cost around $66.50. In terms of costs, this seems to be much cheaper when comparing to the costs per household to maintain the "free" analog TV. The governement will save $200 per household (a year) with this shift according to the information published at (link below).

It seems to me very interesting the role of people that need to think about new formats for TV shows, movies "made for TV", news, and so on, assuming a new technology to transmit them. I had a very inspiring converstion about how Video Art has changed the way people do TV shows, and way people think of doing a TV show is completely different fom cinema. Interestingly, a decisive aspect is the technology that is going to be used for recording and transmitting.


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